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TigerUsenet Performance News
Group   Completion  Retention
Multi part-Binary   99%  Up to 2846 days
Sing. part-Binary   99%  Up to 2846 days
Text/ Discussion   99%  Up to 1265 days
Why TigerUsenet?


Since 2006, TigerUSENET has offered customers with fast, reliable and secure USENET access. TigerUsenet now offers additional features for our members. We now offer over 5 Years of Binary Retention on all of our supported newsgroups. This impacts both our US and EU customers, effective immediately. Now members can enjoy even more information on USENET newsgroups with the ability to search, discover and access archived posts dated five years ago.

Retention up to 2846 days. We are now able to offer retention on Tigerusenet Platinum Account. These accounts will offer 20 connections with up to 2846 days of retention.

European Sever Farm Added We are now able to offer our European customers a European Server to improve the downloading speed by reducing the proximity of the server to their location. This server will offer direct peering to our UK customers to the European Server and will give them the same explosive speeds our US customers receive.


Speed & Reliability
With redundant OC12 connected servers for unequalled reliability and speed TigerUsenet gives you unlimited speed to the capability of ISP provider to enjoy your favorite newsgroups. There is never any Throttling or Capping of any accounts at TigerUsenet. To us at TigerUsenet; reliability means usability. We offer 24/7 Technical Support to address any issues you may encounter.

Completion and Retention
We offer 99% Completion to all of your news groups. Our retention is among the best in the industry at newsgroup binary retention of 2846 days and text retention of 1265 days.

Uncensored Newsgroups
TigerUsenet servers are capable of providing any newsgroup that you would require. You'll be able to find all the information you're looking for without having to worry about missing articles in your favorite groups.We currently offer 107,000+ Uncensored Newsgroups.

TigerUsenet respects your privacy, which is why we will never share your information with outside parties or track your downloads. Also, for an increased level of privacy TigerUsenet offers SSL(256-bit) encrypted accounts.

All of these features plus free Newsreader Software allow TigerUsenet to provide you our customer with premium newsgroup access at the best quality, service, and delivery at a valued price.
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Tampa FL USA

The Support Staff at TigerUsenet are 1st rate. They answered all of my questions quickly and effectively. The 24/7 Support Staff is a great feature.



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